Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coming Soon,

We are in the development stage of producing PDFs with information and instruction in how mobile works and basic structure for your mobile website.

Stay tuned for updates.
We are constantly busy with other sites and finding time for ours is limited.

But we have our ideas and are ready to produce. Videos also will be coming.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Challenge Box Has Arrived - Ep. 1

These guys have been around and have done lots. I  have joined a few of their programs before. They are out to challenge you on ways to get your business going, whether it is an idea, just started or has been running for awhile.  Check them out.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey! It's the start of a nice week in North Texas!

Well, I updated the last post with a couple of new links to new Mobile Websites. If you have or haven't read it yet, its a very informational post.  The weather has been good for a few days each week. We are having high 80s again for the 2nd day this week.

I am putting together a PDF and short instructional video on several little things a Small Business Owner can do to increase their Branding online. Here's a tidbit some of you know. Capitalize the first letter of each name of your Website. Like I do: http://RuralBusinessToday.US and with my email accounts: ContactUs@RuralBusinessToday.US.

The reason behind this is a simple one; it replaces the space between words and helps them stand out.

The 2nd tidbit. Stop using your generic email addresses for your business.
Brand Your Business First! All Web Hosting comes with at least one email account. Use it as a catch all and you can do tracking by the different incoming email. Like; SpecialOffer@MyBizSite.com, DallasGroup@MyBizSite.com, Support@, Help@, CustomerService@, etc. I always use 'ContactUs@' as it sounds like a complete sentence and is easy to remember. Contactus@RuralbusinessToday.US. Sounds easy to say, easy to remember. You then can have your email forwarded to your Gmail, yahoo or even worse, Hotmail.com. Most phones now have email account apps built in. Just set it up like you did on your computer. I have a yahoo, Gmail, Mail.com and 13 emails from my numerous Websites that funnel down into my phone and laptop.

I use different Emails for posting online, responding to webinars, signing up for groups, etc. It helps me keep track of what is working.

If you are only using Facebook, having at least a Mobile Landing Page can get your business ranked higher in the search engines. And make it easier for all the Mobile customers looking for you.

There you have it. Feedback is always appreciated. Please leave a reply if you thought this information was helpful, or otherwise.

Till next post.  Remember you can sign up at the top right of page to get my posts automatically sent to your inbox when I post.

Mobile Marketing Still Gaining Users Daily!

Mobile Is On The Rise!


It is a rapidly expanding Market; Mobile. More and more techniques are popping up every week. Even RBT has jumped on some of them. Mainly because I see the potential for their use. Something that seems hard to get thru to Small Business Owners. Let's take a run down of the many tools I am using. They we will discuss how they can be utilized to help your Small Business. All of these are simple, yet effective ways to communicate with your customers, current & prospective. And at very reasonable costs. Sometimes they work better when paired up with another technique.
In no particular order, my Marketing Tools include;
  1. My Business Website, www.RuralBusinessToday 
  2. My Mobile Landing Page, http://RBT-Sample.wirenode.mobi I have many, as trials
  3. My Virtual business Card, http://KimTag.com/RuralBizToday
  4. My Facebook Business Page, www.Facebook.com/RBToday 
  5. My Twitter Account, www.Twitter.com/RuralBizToday
  6. My ShortCode SMS, Send RuralBiz to 41242 to see how fast it works
  7. My Custom StarStar number, **RuralBiz, that's **78725249 from a cell. Give me a call
  8. My Custom QR Barcodes & ShortLinks, i.e. http://bit.ly/RuralBizToday
Our Mobile Virtual Business Card 

Benefits of Each.

The use of a Blog is to post information that is (hopefully) useful to your readers, whether they are customers, prospects or just stumbled across the site. A Blog can be an internal part of your Website Design, as a page built in and accessable from an internal link. It can also be a Blog made externally, like this one is, using one of the many Blog themed-design Webpages. This Blog stands alone or can be incorporated into an exsisting Website by adding the link to the page to your internal Website, as I have done on my main Website, my Mobile Website and My KimTag Virtual Business Card (www.KimTag.com/RuralBizToday). Either way, accessabilty to it for frequent posts is the main reason for your choice. Blogger for instance, (which runs Blogspot), has its own mobile App one can download to check on, review and update their Blogs with, while on the go. Since I have more than one Blog, it is a useful tool for me!
The Website is your main 'Real Estate' on the Web. It is your piece of property that customers get to 'walk by and visit' in cyber space. Keeping information and products updated and current is the same as in your brick and mortar store. It should be designed to provide information that is already evident in your store. Location, Phone Number, Contact, Directions, Hours of Operation, Specials you are Advertising in Store or in Ads. Sometimes you can do more on your Website than your Brick and Mortar; videos providing use of equipment or how to play with an instrument, Special Early Bird Offers for Web Users as more and more people shop from the comfort of their computer 24/7.
A Mobile Website is one designed Specifically for viewing on All Mobile Devices. Not your basic PC designed Website, which has to have a person tapdance all over it to see what is on there, and usually frustrating them as they can't find the information they want. As so many PC Websites do. And Big Business is the worst in this department! I want to show the Small Businesses how to Avoid the Pitfall most Big Businesses make on a daily basis! Don't Copy Big Business in this Area!
Now, a lot of Businesses use Facebook, which is good when combining it with your Main 'Real Estate' Website. Others tho, tend to think they can run their business from Facebook alone. It doesn't work. Owners spend hours each day posting and posting, expecting the flood of 'LIKEs' to come running thru their doors. It doesn't happen. And for one reason; Your posts and comments get Buried in your 'LIKEs' list by the torrential posting of their friends. Mobile Facebook users only spend a minimal amount of time on their cell at a time, scrolling thru the hundreds of posts and pictures everyone sends them. If there are just 100 posts above yours, chances of your 'LIKEs' finding it before the ends of the day are slim. Most people don't have time to sit for hours and scroll thru everything on their page, on their phone; it's Tedious!
Twitter. In and of itself, can be a useful tool or a waste of time. It has gotten to be a perpetual posting of other's sayings, useless info and for some repeated offers, over and over. Because, like Facebook, hundreds of posts occur every hour and whatever you posted has gotten lost in the stream. If one isn't living on Twitter, there is no way to possibly be in touch with all one receives. I know. I have 2 Twitter accounts If I don't go to Twitter on my phone for 4 or 5 days, because I don't think of it, I have hundreds, if not thousands, of posts to scroll thru, trying to find the useful ones I want to read. I never get to see 90% of them. Most Specials and offers are already no longer valid. Links to sites aren't working, and Spammers have learned how to get in there and fill your account with bogus stuff. Sure, it has some benefits, if your tweets only have a few accounts they are monitoring. But don't count on it.
My ShortCode SMS. Now here is a technique that I feel is worthy of being in use by a lot of businesses, but because it was overplayed by big marketers in the beginning, it was overrated, misunderstood and created huge losses to business.. Over 92% of Text Messahes are read within Minutes of receiving. Compared to an average of about 64% for wanted Email. Also, Text Messages will stay on their phone until they delete them. So, everytime someone scrolls thru their Messages, they will see your Message sitting there and they will make a subconscious decision to either keep it to do something with it later, or decide to delete it because that offer doesn't apply to them or is not something they are interested in. The customer gets to choose what to do with that message each time they see it. First off, the customer chooses to invite you to their phone by asking to be part of your group. They then accept your offer with a 2nd message. That means that 'They Want To Hear From You About Your Offers.' There you have it! Advertising that is 'Wanted by your Customers'! As long as your content is relevant and messages aren't overuse, they will welcome your Special Offers with Open Arms. To see what I mean, type the word DEMO and send it to 41242. If you like the ease of it, Type the word RuralBiz and send it to 41242 to get a Special Message from me. If you are a band, musician or in the music industry, type the word MUSIC and send it to 41242 to get a different Message from me.  Along with setting my customers up with  this service, I provide the one thing other businesses don't, How to Properly Use SMS to be a Profitable Experience!
Custom Mobile Numbers. The newest Craze! Mine is StarStar-RuralBiz. Thats **RuralBiz or for those phones without lett

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 New Year. New Things.

Welcome to 2013. We here at RBT, have added new Mobile Marketing Gizmos to make reaching your customers easier. We now have our own Custom ShortLink URL; rb-t.us/ as our prefix to any ShortLinks we create. We are still powered by Bitly.com's service but have our branding in place.

We have a New Custom Mobile Number; **RuralBiz (**78725249), which works from mobile phones. It can either ring any number you want, reply with a text message, or give a voicemail message and send your business contact info by text to the number called from. With a custom app on your phone, you can change it at anytime. It's available from StarStarMe.com or your major carrier provider as a minimal add-on to your cell bill. I pay $3 a month for the service on Sprint. It's a neat way to keep your business name out there, can be used on your Website, Blog, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Business Cards, etc., when you don't want your mobile number out there in cyberspace.

We have a new Custom App Builder which builds one app and it works on Android, iPhone & BlackBerry. One App, One Build. One Price.  Easy.

We are in the process of contracting with a new Custom Mobile Website Builder to have our own Branded Mobile Interface Creator; Websites, Landing Pages, Coupons, Spcial Offers, etc. And boy, does it look awesome!

We still have the Lowest Cost SMS Text Messaging Service in the Country. Check it out. If you are a Small Business, send a text message with the word; SmallBiz to 41242.
If you are a Band, Musician, Music Manager, Club, Event Organizer, send a text message with the word; Music to 41242.

We look forward to helping Small Business across the U.S. get Mobilized and reach their customers in the Palm of their Hands!

Contact us for more information.

As always, consultations are free and we provide One-on-One service to help you get the most out of whichever system you utilize.

Rural Business Today

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to All.

A lot has been going on at RBT lately. Here's a recap of all.

We have added Musicians and bands to our list of businesses we want to help. We have changed our Shortcode to MUSIC. Just text the word MUSIC to 41242 to see how text messaging can help your small business reach your customers in the palm of their hand, INSTANTLY! Coupons, Offers, Special Deals for your list, slow periods when you want to drive traffic to you NOW.

We have got our own ShortCode page and link for a more personalized Custom ShortLink. We are still affiliated with Bitly.com's great service. Our ShortCodes will now start with: http://rb-t.us/, thus keeping our brand out there, promoting you.

We are on Facebook too. www.facebook.com/RBToday. Please check it out and LIKE us.

And we are in the signing up process with two Mobile Website developers and will be using their software under our brand to build Mobile Websites with flair!

And we just tried out a new custom application builder that creates an app that works on all three systems; Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. One app for all three. Nnormally, one has to build an 'app' from a developer that is geared towards one system only. And that can be time consuming and costly for the end users. Am still in the experimental stages with it. I just designed my first app for my All Natural Products site. You can view it or download it from this link: http://NSTP.mobapp.at . If you dowload it, please give me your feedback.

Have a Merry Christmas and let's all look forward to 2013 as being prosperous for our businesses and fun-loving for our families.

Crazy Eagle, RuralBusinessToday.US

Friday, December 7, 2012

New service

We are happy to announce our own Custom shortlink service. We will now use our own brand, associated with bitly.com's site. Our new Custom links will have:
rb-t.us/ in front of the Custom name.
It's all about Branding; You & I.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's Special at CRAZY.Restaurant.com  If you aren't signed up yet, sign up today to take advantage of this offer!  Lots of new restaurants are jumping on board weekly. If none are in your area, grab a business card from the ones you are interested in and get me the info. We'll do the rest. Enjoy!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

How To UN-Follow Certain PinBoards on PinterestIn case you are a

In case you are a Pnterest fa, here is a way to select only re boards of your followers that you choose. A short video worth watching. Let me know if it helps you

Friday, August 10, 2012

New way for Bands to Connect with their Fans

As a sister method to my SMS Text Messaging for Small Biz, comes a New Way: JamMob Text Messaging  for Bands!
Now a band has a quick and efficient way to reach their fans Instantly! Have your Band's playing location blasted out to your dedicated fans to come listen to you play, fill up the venue, increase door revenue and/or CDs and T-shirts sales. Promotions, specials and more are wanted by your fans, give it to them


Another Deal @ CRAZY.Restaurant.com

That's right. Sign up @ CRAZY.Restaurant.com for deals and Specials. Right now:

Only $2 for $10 Restaurant Gift Certificates!

Enter Promo Code GOLD at Checkout and Hit "Apply"

If you're not signed in as a customer, go to my link above and Join. I put noticies out on my facebook, twitter and Blog of updates changes and specials.


Friday, July 20, 2012

New! Text Messaging 4 Bands!


Reach Your Music Lovers Instantly, w/Text Messaging!
Get Larger Nightly Audiences,
Increase Revenue & More!

JamMob Text Messaging!

RuralBusinessToday.US has Solutions to Keeping in Touch with those that Enjoy your music!  Whether you have a small venue or are playing a large club, let those that love to come listen to your music know with Instant Text Messaging brought to you by RBT (that’s US) & JamMob! 701.306.3012

Try it out! Send a text message to: 41242 with the word: MUSIC in the message and see how fast it works! Then, call the number sent to you to find out how Easy & Affordable this is! It’s the Same System restaurants use!

Imagine filling up a spot with a lot of your regular fans at each event. Offer specials, get song requests, find out which places your fans like to visit with polls and a whole lot more. We have Many Mobile Marketing Methods, too.

We can work with your band no matter where you are located in the U.S. JamMob Texting s better than Twitter & Facebook. It gets delivered right t o ther phone and is read within minutes. No scrolling thru a list of daily posts in Twitter or on Facebook to find something. It's right in the palm of their hand!

RuralBusinessToday.US, is now providing solutions to make your band run smoother! To learn more, visit our Website: http://tinyURL.com/BandTexts

Or Scan to Visit Our Website Now! :>) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation time.

We will be on a 2 week road trip thru the Texas panhandle, New Mexico & Arizona. While enjoying our travels, we will be checking on and promoting LOCAL MOBILE MARKETING.

If you need any assistance, call or or email.