Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas to All.

A lot has been going on at RBT lately. Here's a recap of all.

We have added Musicians and bands to our list of businesses we want to help. We have changed our Shortcode to MUSIC. Just text the word MUSIC to 41242 to see how text messaging can help your small business reach your customers in the palm of their hand, INSTANTLY! Coupons, Offers, Special Deals for your list, slow periods when you want to drive traffic to you NOW.

We have got our own ShortCode page and link for a more personalized Custom ShortLink. We are still affiliated with Bitly.com's great service. Our ShortCodes will now start with: http://rb-t.us/, thus keeping our brand out there, promoting you.

We are on Facebook too. www.facebook.com/RBToday. Please check it out and LIKE us.

And we are in the signing up process with two Mobile Website developers and will be using their software under our brand to build Mobile Websites with flair!

And we just tried out a new custom application builder that creates an app that works on all three systems; Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. One app for all three. Nnormally, one has to build an 'app' from a developer that is geared towards one system only. And that can be time consuming and costly for the end users. Am still in the experimental stages with it. I just designed my first app for my All Natural Products site. You can view it or download it from this link: http://NSTP.mobapp.at . If you dowload it, please give me your feedback.

Have a Merry Christmas and let's all look forward to 2013 as being prosperous for our businesses and fun-loving for our families.

Crazy Eagle, RuralBusinessToday.US

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