Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 New Year. New Things.

Welcome to 2013. We here at RBT, have added new Mobile Marketing Gizmos to make reaching your customers easier. We now have our own Custom ShortLink URL; rb-t.us/ as our prefix to any ShortLinks we create. We are still powered by Bitly.com's service but have our branding in place.

We have a New Custom Mobile Number; **RuralBiz (**78725249), which works from mobile phones. It can either ring any number you want, reply with a text message, or give a voicemail message and send your business contact info by text to the number called from. With a custom app on your phone, you can change it at anytime. It's available from StarStarMe.com or your major carrier provider as a minimal add-on to your cell bill. I pay $3 a month for the service on Sprint. It's a neat way to keep your business name out there, can be used on your Website, Blog, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Business Cards, etc., when you don't want your mobile number out there in cyberspace.

We have a new Custom App Builder which builds one app and it works on Android, iPhone & BlackBerry. One App, One Build. One Price.  Easy.

We are in the process of contracting with a new Custom Mobile Website Builder to have our own Branded Mobile Interface Creator; Websites, Landing Pages, Coupons, Spcial Offers, etc. And boy, does it look awesome!

We still have the Lowest Cost SMS Text Messaging Service in the Country. Check it out. If you are a Small Business, send a text message with the word; SmallBiz to 41242.
If you are a Band, Musician, Music Manager, Club, Event Organizer, send a text message with the word; Music to 41242.

We look forward to helping Small Business across the U.S. get Mobilized and reach their customers in the Palm of their Hands!

Contact us for more information.

As always, consultations are free and we provide One-on-One service to help you get the most out of whichever system you utilize.

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