Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hey! It's the start of a nice week in North Texas!

Well, I updated the last post with a couple of new links to new Mobile Websites. If you have or haven't read it yet, its a very informational post.  The weather has been good for a few days each week. We are having high 80s again for the 2nd day this week.

I am putting together a PDF and short instructional video on several little things a Small Business Owner can do to increase their Branding online. Here's a tidbit some of you know. Capitalize the first letter of each name of your Website. Like I do: http://RuralBusinessToday.US and with my email accounts: ContactUs@RuralBusinessToday.US.

The reason behind this is a simple one; it replaces the space between words and helps them stand out.

The 2nd tidbit. Stop using your generic email addresses for your business.
Brand Your Business First! All Web Hosting comes with at least one email account. Use it as a catch all and you can do tracking by the different incoming email. Like; SpecialOffer@MyBizSite.com, DallasGroup@MyBizSite.com, Support@, Help@, CustomerService@, etc. I always use 'ContactUs@' as it sounds like a complete sentence and is easy to remember. Contactus@RuralbusinessToday.US. Sounds easy to say, easy to remember. You then can have your email forwarded to your Gmail, yahoo or even worse, Hotmail.com. Most phones now have email account apps built in. Just set it up like you did on your computer. I have a yahoo, Gmail, Mail.com and 13 emails from my numerous Websites that funnel down into my phone and laptop.

I use different Emails for posting online, responding to webinars, signing up for groups, etc. It helps me keep track of what is working.

If you are only using Facebook, having at least a Mobile Landing Page can get your business ranked higher in the search engines. And make it easier for all the Mobile customers looking for you.

There you have it. Feedback is always appreciated. Please leave a reply if you thought this information was helpful, or otherwise.

Till next post.  Remember you can sign up at the top right of page to get my posts automatically sent to your inbox when I post.

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